Time for a fresh take on loyalty programs.

Traditional tools no longer make the cut. They are slow, manual & disconnected.

HeyOmni Reward Feature

1.0 Stamp Card & Forms
Manual & Inconvenient

HeyOmni Reward Feature

2.0 POS System Add-On
Complex Operation

HeyOmni Reward Feature

3.0 Mobile Apps
High Cost & Low Usage

Introducing 4.0

Ai-Powered Chat Loyalty Program

Digital Membership. No Download. No App. Just Chat!

HeyOmni 4.0

A seamless experience your customers will love.

A Direct Messaging Experience

An effortless loyalty rewards solution for your business

Simple & Easy To Use

HeyOmni Reward Get Started
Simplified Process

Get started anytime with existing devices.

Set-up your loyalty program in minutes & perform operations from any smart devices. ie: Smartphones, Tablets or PC.

Retain Current
Business Operation.

Maintain your staff SOP and cashier POS system process.

No Hardware Integration.
No Software Installation.

No complicated staff training. Easy to use, low admin time.

HeyOmni Reward Get Started
Admin Dashboard

Customer management with real-time analytics.

Create rewards & manage your loyalty program with ease.
Program performance overview at a glance.

View customer
key metrics & more

Manage staff access & update loyalty program on the go.

Track outlet, staff & customer activities

Understand business data. Make better business decisions.

HeyOmni Reward Get Started
Precision Marketing

Omnichannel communication with your customers.

Be at where your customers are, no matter which channel they prefer.

Precision Marketing Broadcasts

Engage with your exact customer base effectively.

Instant Customer Survey & Feedback

Receive feedback to better your products & services.

All Features

One solution to retain and grow your customer base.

Suitable for all sizes of businesses.

Prepaid Subscription Plan
Coupon Code & Gift Card
Membership Referral Code
Birthday Month Reward
Multiple Language Setting
Multi-Role Staff Access
Multiple Outlet Locations
Multiple Operation Devices
Multi-Tiered Membership
Bespoke Reward Customisation
Customize Business Branding
Customer Survey & Feedback

Perfect Fit For All Types Of Businesses

We have the experience working with brands in your industry.

Unbeatable Pricing

No overcharges or hidden fees.

The Only Plan

For all sizes of businesses.
Individuals, Teams & Companies.

  • x 12 months subscription
  • x 1 Dashboard Admin Account
  • x 1 Operation Device Account
  • x 1 Register Location

  • Unlimited Members
  • Unlimited Reward Items
  • Export Data

Add On

+ $25/month
  • x 12 months subscription
  • + 1 Additional Outlet / Location
  • + 1 Additional Operation Device Account

Why Choose HeyOmni ?

Business tools that supports online stores & physical retail outlets.
Simplifed and easy to use. No complex staff training.
Setup and customise in minutes. Launch your program instantly.
Non-technical. Affordable to maintain and provides great results.
AI Chatbot & Automation. Future proof your business.
Always online 24/7. Customer self-serve anywhere, anytime.
Available on all devices & platforms. Unique seamless experience.
Security you can trust. Simpler management control & settings.
Attract & Retain

Reward your customers and drive loyalty for your brand.

Happy customer will return more often

In fact, statisfied customers are certain to spend more too!

Provide them the VIP treatment

Make an impression that guarantees return visits from your customers.

Increase Revenue

Get customers to join, engage, and share your brand.

A chance to win over your competitions

A good customer experience is crucial to business success.

Let happy customers do the referring

Encourage your loyal customers to be your brand ambassadors!

Other Services

Blog & Updates

More features and business tools. Coming soon.

Affliate & Partners

Agency? Talk to us for project collaborations.

Platform & Organization

API & System Integration? Free consultation with us.

Empowering your business
is our business.

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